Faster than a speeding bullet…

Whoa. After what seemed to be an endless winter, summer is suddenly upon us. I always feel as the last month of the school year is like a train barreling toward me, and gaining speed. All the end of the year tests, projects, parties, sports, events, programs all seem to converge in the month of June and then bam! The kids are out of school and summer is here. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and am so ready for the warm and sunny weather. But what to do with these pesky kids…

Colleen and I work from home in our tricked out design studio and wood shop, which is fortunate in many ways. We are here when the kids come home from school, we have the flexibility to attend school functions and take them to sports practice. But the flip side is the kids – and husbands – can be all up in our grill sometimes. We do plan lots of camps and outings for the kids in the summer, but you can’t fill up every single day. What do you do to keep the kids busy during the summer?

This summer we are going to be especially busy as we’re gearing up to attend the next Gift and Home Furnishings Market at the Atlanta AmericasMart this July. We have a fantastic opportunity with a top retailer  – more details to come soon! On top of this great opportunity, we’ve also been working hard to expand our collections and our prints. My goal of doing custom stationery and invitations is taking shape at our esty shop, Project Cottage Ink. And in the middle of all this we are rebranding. Of course.

Here is a couple versions of our new logo – what do you think?

pc_new_logo2 pc_new_logo1

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